A Trucker's Prayer for His Wife

This is a poem Mr. B gave me, it is printed on a bookmark and it's so good, so I have to share.

Lord, as I travel the highways of this vast land, I pray for the one with my ring upon her hand. I watched her, Lord as she stood at the door, And gave a soft, gentle sigh as I left once more.

She raised her hand and waved with a smile; She knows I'll be back in a little while. But 'til then, she'll be busy with lots of errands to run. It seems like her work, Lord, is never quite done.

Please let her know as I travel on my way that I'm ever so thankful for our wedding day, For all the times we've sheared together, All the sunny days, and yes, even the stormy weather.

Each night I'm gone, Lord, her presence I really miss, But I love coming back to the "welcome home" kiss. It takes a special lady to be a truck driver's wife. So bless her in a very special way, the lady in my life.

by: Richard Terry

Isn't he thoughtful? I love him so..I pray, heavenly Father, you would keep your hand on him and protect him while he drives the highways to provide for our family. He is so special to me and to You too, thank you for creating him just for me..

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